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Our Story


Born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, Knock on Wood is the brainchild of the Earle Brothers (Nate, Danny, & Jake) with their closest friend & creative expert, Will Clarke (known by the company as "The Wiz"). Collectively we aim to make a statement in the apparel industry for years to come.

Building off the notion of unfounded belief, K.O.W. brings comfort to those having daily superstitions that get in the way of their everyday tasks. What once was an idea became reality after countless hours of work and dedication to the brand, and from years of testing to create the perfect product line to blend in with style, originality, and subtlety, we are finally here to make our mark on the world. 

We hope we can be that little piece of wood that's always around when you're feeling jinxed by intrusive thoughts.

Apparel made especially for you, we are building a household name to the highest standard that's striving for diversity and refinement, to always be your reassurance in inventive ways. So, next time you say that famous phrase, reach for Knock on Wood - your confidence is our utmost commitment.

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